Care and Maintenance

Living Wreaths are made from the highest-quality succulents. As such, the care and maintenance of your living wreath is easy. Our commitment to quality ensures you'll receive an expertly crafted piece. Follow these easy steps and you'll enjoy your living wreath for years to come.


Keep newly purchased wreaths out of direct sunlight for one week, then gradually increase the light levels to full exposure. Succulents generally prefer high light levels during the day, and cool temperatures at night. However, if you live in a torrid growing zone, protect plants from direct exposure to midday sun. Indoors, a south-facing window, greenhouse, or garden room are ideal. You can also use supplemental lighting to improve indoor growing conditions. If you use the wreaths for indoor décor, move them outside for approximately one week every four to six weeks, or when the succulents begin to stretch. To ensure uniform growth, periodically turn your wreath in one-quarter increments.


The ideal way to water your living wreath is to soak it for at least one hour in a water filled container such as a garbage can lid or tub. On average, you will need to water your wreath every three to four weeks, but it may be as little as every six to 10 weeks. It depends on such factors as wreath size, whether your wreath is in full sun or part shade, and time of year. Signs that your wreath needs watering are when the backside of the wreath feels hard and dry, is unusually light in weight, or the plant leaves begin to pucker.

Note: Never mist or surface spray your wreath. It will encourage shallow roots and weaken the plant.


Succulents need very little fertilizer. The soil core in your living wreath contains enough nutrients to sustain it for approximately three months. After that, you should fertilize several times during the late spring and summer by adding a liquid fertilizer (such as Miracle-Gro 15(N)-30(P)-15(K)) to the water when you soak the wreath at the rate of one teaspoon per gallon of water. A fertilizer high in potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) helps the plants retain their deep colors.


The succulents in your living wreath grow slowly. Should the plants begin to grow too large, pinch, pin, or prune back to retain the wreath's circular shape. Once callused, you can plant the wreath cuttings in a pot.